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Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Dirt" Play

Dirt_nycEdingburgh_01_2 Another weekend trip to NYC. Spent the day in NYC yesterday, first hanging out at an Irish pub in the East Village and then going to a play later in the evening. At one of the Austrian meet-ups in NYC I had met Chris who is from Salzburg but has an American mother so is half American, half Austrian and has lived in the US for quite a few years now. He told me about the play Dirt that he is currently in in NYC. It's a one-man-show based on a book by Robert Schneider (an Austrian author). It's a story about immigration and racism which is very relevant these days. I enjoyed seeing the show and am glad we went to see it.

We got home pretty late so I haven't really done that much today. Researched some things for our upcoming trip to Hamburg/Copenhagen (sights, restaurants, transit/subway maps, etc.) - can't believe that we will be leaving in only a little over a week. Our flight leaves on Monday, April 21st in the afternoon.

Not much else planned for tonight. Will probably make a Thai chicken dish for dinner later (Spicy Basil Chicken) and maybe we will watch a movie afterwards. Will see what happens. 

Mail update. Since the last update a letter went out to: Charles/TN. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Alex/Germany and Jetta/Finland.

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