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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary (yay for a new phone)

February is always a busy month for us because it's sort of a celebration month. :) Yesterday (Feb. 10) was our wedding anniversary which is the start to all the celebrations. Can't believe we have been married for 8 years already now. Time sure flies quickly. :) Had an ok day at work and then after work headed to Barca (a really nice trendy Italian themed restaurant) for a nice romantic dinner. On the way to dinner Mike gave me my gift which I am still VERY excited about. He decided to combine our anniversary and Valentine's and get me one gift for both -- a Samsung Instinct phone. Yay !! It looks so cool. I have been wanting an iPhone or something similiar for ages. I can't get an iPhone because we have Sprint and they don't carry the iPhone. But I am sure I will be just as happy with this one. Very, very cool. And it's pink ... yup I have my priorities. Ha ha. :) 

So today we will charge it and activate it so I can play with it. I'll make sure to let you all know how I like it soon. Saturday is Valentine's Day so that's the next event and then Mike's Birthday on February 18. So we will definitely keep busy.
We made reservations at our favorite Italian restaurant in NYC for Valentine's Day so we will be heading there. Might go to a museum or something else along those lines during the day, then have dinner at night. I am sure it will be a fun day.

Mail update. No letters have gone out since the last update. :( Received letters from/still owe replies to: Lotte/Denmark, Jessica/DE, Sarah/Canada and Jetta/Finland.

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