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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello from Canada

Hanna+Mike Enjoying our stay in Canada. Went to Calabogie on Wednesday where we met up with my parents. The resort was set right on the lake which was really pretty. Definitely very pretty but also very much out in the middle of nowhere. :) We did a a day trip to Ottawa where we went to the Canadian Museum of Civilization and also a day trip to Montreal which was really nice. The weather for Montreal was absolutely perfect. Brisk blue skies, just a tad breezy.

Today we continued on west to Barrie, ON. The resort here is nice too. Still very outdoors-y but in a little more popuated area. Will do a day trip to Niagara Falls from here, maybe on Monday. Not sure yet what we will do tomorrow. Then on Tuesday afternoon we will leave and cross back over to the US to stay one more night in Buffalo before heading back home to CT.

Going to dinner in Barrie tonight to the Keg Steakhouse. Looking forward to it. Then we will see what we will do tomorrow. .

Short mail update for today. Have written letters but have not mailed them as of yet. So letters will hopefully go out soon to Lotte/Denmark, Charles/TN, Carmen/Malta and Eunice/Malta. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Alex/Germany.

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