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Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy week and weekend

David-ny-feb2011 The end of this past week and the weekend definitely flew by. Thursday was trivia night, Friday Mike's birthday (we went to TK'sw with a few friends) and Saturday was the David Garrett concert and our friend Kim's birthday. Everything went off without a hitch. I took the train to New Jersey to catch the show which was a hike but worked out ok. Had dinner and then headed to the theater. Also met up with another member of the David Garrett fan forum which was neat. The show was absolutely incredible, really loved every minute of it and of course it went by way too quick. One of my favorite things he played was a take on Beethoven's 5th symphony (you can see it here on You Tube) and lots of other cool stuff.

After the show I decided since I was by myself to hang out for a bit and stood out in the freezing cold (and wow was it cold & super windy) waiting by the stage door with a bunch of other people. After standing there for a while shivering we were rewarded by seeing David come by and walk to his tour bus. He said hello and even signed some things etc. I was so close to him, if I had stretched out my hand I could have easily touched him, but I think I was so star struck I couldn't even say a single word. But regardless it was still a fun experience and nice to see him so up close. :)

Mike & Tim had a good time at Kim's birthday too and Sunday they came to pick me up in New Jersey and we went to the Museum of Modern Art to check out the new Picasso exhibit there. Afterwards we had dinner at Cafe Steinhof (Austrian restaurant) in Brooklyn. Super yummy schnitzel.

Now back to work and regular every day stuff. Had more snow today too, ugh. After some nice days last week I really wasn't in the mood for more snow. I am so ready for a nice spring. The sooner the better. 

Short Mail Update: Wrote letters to (should mail them tomorrow hopefully): Caroline/Scotland and Charles/TN. Received letters from: Lotte/Denmark, Nina/WA, Sarah/Canada and Carmen/Malta.

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