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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Austrian Wine Tasting

Hanna-wine tasting So yesterday was the Austrian wine tasting in New York. Just like last year it was a lot of fun. The venue was the same as last year and even though the weather was much nicer last year it was still neat to go outside on the rooftop terrace and enjoy the views.

Lots of tables with wine from different Austrian vineyards paired with a bunch of yummy small plates of food (bread, cheese, small sausages, steak, fish, etc.) Had a lot of fun. Am pretty tired today but it was definitely worth it. Tonight I am going out to dinner with my friend Sharon, then will probably call it an early night after that.

This weekend we are supposed to go out to Long Island on Sunday. A while ago I got Mike a gift to fly in an old vintage biplane (the kind with an open cockpit) and we finally scheduled it for this weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Well that's all for now. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. :)

Mail Update: Letters going out soon to: Jessica/DE, Emilia/Finland and Kimber/Canada. Received letters from:  Nina/WA and Sarah/Canada. 

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I love wine tastings. The last one we went to was Australian wines. And we found a couple of new ones for our wine rack.

Posted by: [email protected] | May 13, 2011 11:12:26 AM

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