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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Crazy busy week


 Somehow made it through the week. What a week. The storm didn't really affect us much at home. Most of the water in the basement is gone now, just a couple small wet spots. Work definitely was affected though. The flooding wasn't much of an issue Monday morning but we didn't have power for a day and a half which was a real issue.

 So all day Monday and most of Tuesday we were running on generators which meant we could only use part of our system, a few PCs, phones, our order entry system, really just a very basic emergency set up. What a mess. Of course lots of other people in the state/area were affected too so we had lots of issues trying to deliver product, customers calling up who had lost power and all their product and needed items redelivered. The schools which were supposed to start had major issues too. Lots of school start up dates got pushed back by days which of course messed with our delivery schedules.
I am hoping next week will be better. Tomorrow is Labor Day but I will still be going into work of course. Need to finish getting in our Tuesday orders plus going to have one last day with our payroll person before she goes on vacation for 3 weeks. We will see what the rest of the week brings.
My parents are leaving for Canada next week on Thursday the 8th. Will be staying for 2 1/2 weeks and we will meet up with them for a week hopefully. They will be spending time in and around Montreal and Quebec City. Looking forward to a short break in the near future even though I don't know how I am going to set it all up yet. I guess we will figure it out as we go.
Mail Update: No letters have gone out. Received letters from: Lotte/Denmark, Jessica/DE and Carmen/Malta.

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