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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Accounting, David Garrett and more


Made it through the week and am really glad it's Sunday today. Was a six-day week, which won't be all that uncommon for the immediate future most likely. This was week 1 of taking over some of the accounting duties from another department. All in all things went sort of ok I guess. And by that I mean everything got done one way or another and I don't think too many mistakes happened. Was it enjoyable? Well that's a different question altogether entirely of course. 

We will just have to see how things go. I am getting a better grasp of the job myself which is good. So I can now train some of my employees so they can be in charge when I am in Virginia in September to meet up with my parents. Only 3 more weeks to go. And of course we also have the school start-up, Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah mixed in there as well. Never a dull moment I can assure you. :) 

Still have not figured out how to get an urine sample from Ollie either. I'll need to try a couple more things. Really don't want to drop him off at the vet for the whole day. A) he would hate that and B) I am sure it wouldn't be cheap. He sort of eats the dry food they gave me but only as an additional snack, not as his main meal. So I'll need to see what else they have that he might like better. 

In more fun news I purchased tickets for the David Garrett concert in March next year. His US tour will take place in January (West Coast) and March (East Coast). Right now the local PBS stations are doing a pre-sale of sorts letting you pledge a certain amount and giving you tickets in return. I got mine from CPBN (Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network) and spent $150 on two orchestra tickets. Not super cheap but I figure at least the money is going to a good place/organization. They also had Meet-And-Greet tickets and I was super tempted but those were $260 for one ticket (including a reception, meet-and-greet, a DVD and the concert). That would've been $520 for the two of us. That's just too much, sorry. And yes PBS is a good organization but I also like to support the artist and I am sure he does not see very much of that money at all. Plus I can also imagine how much he must hate those kinds of events; having to awkwardly shake hands and make conversation with people he has never met before but are enthralled with him. 

Today we are taking it easy. Are going to have lunch in Oxford at 121, then going to stop at the store later to pick up some cheese & crackers to watch the MTV Music Awards. 

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to: Eunice/Malta, Jessica/DE, Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to outsmart a cat?

Ollie-August2013-2This is a quick post/update in regards to our cat Oliver. We brought him to the vet last Saturday for a check-up on his kidney issues since he is still losing weight. 

Monday the vet called me with the bloodwork results and unfortunately the news wasn't that great. His kidneys are definitely getting worse. He is still acting perfectly fine, eats, drinks, plays, purrs etc. so I am hopeful he will be ok for some time longer but really wish the results would have been different. 

We are continuing his meds as normal. Luckily he is happy to eat his pill inside a pill pocket treat each morning which is good. He is now also taking a 1/4 tablet of baby aspirin three days per week to help prevent clotting. 

The vet would also like to get a urine sample from him to rule out any kind of infection that could be contributing to his problems. They gave me some litter-type material that you can use where if he peed on it they could still test it. But of course he would not pee on it. I had him shut in the room with me from 5.30pm until 5.45am this morning and no luck. To be fair it's only a really small amount of material/litter in a box. I don't have more because the small amount was $14 so to get enough to fill an entire litter tray would be pricey. 

Seems like my only other option is to bring him to the vet to see if they can get a sample from him. They might have to keep him for the day if he doesn't need to go when I bring him in. I really don't want to put him in the car again after just having done that on Saturday. So I am still trying to decide how to trick him into peeing on the fake litter stuff they gave me. 

They also gave me a sample of some special food for him. I have tried to introduce the wet food, mixing it with some of his normal food. So far he did not finish his meal last night or this morning which makes me think he is not a big fan. I guess I'll see how he does with it going forward. They also gave me some dry food. I'll give him some of that and see if he likes that. 

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to: Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Broadway, Ollie, movies and more

20130817_191547_resized_1And it's already Monday again. Had the weekend of which was nice. Work has been really busy and nutty since we got back from Florida. And starting today it will probably increase even more since today is the first day without the girl who gave her notice. Let's see how I do today, trying to combine my various new duties within my department. It will definitely be a challenge and a learning process for everyone involved. Will have to see how things go once we get a routine down. Hard to say how it will be without having actually tried it for real on a day-to-day basis. So fingers crossed it works out. 

The weekend was mostly fun anyway. Saturday we had a vet appointment with Ollie at 11am which is always stressful in itself. He hates being in his carrier and having to go in the car. Unfortunately the vet is on the other side of town, about a 15-20 minute car ride away, which doesn't make things easier. He was so happy sleeping right before I had to pack him up into his carrier too. Click here for a picture. The visit was mostly a check-up from his last visit in November. He is acting fine, eating, sleeping, drinking, etc. but still losing weight. So they took his blood again and are supposed to call me with the results today. Maybe his medication will need to be adjusted. Let's hope it's nothing too bad. 

The rest of Saturday was more enjoyable luckily. Had tickets for the Broadway show "First Date" starring Zachary Levi (Chuck from the TV show "Chuck" if anyone remembers that). We were able to get $35 first row balcony tickets and I was really happy with the show. It felt more like an off-Broadway show with a small cast (only 7 actors) and mostly one set throughout. The show was set in real-time following the couple's first date. I definitely enjoyed it and was happy with the production, very different from your usual big productions, huge casts, elaborate sets, dance numbers and everything else. This felt much more minimalistic but in a good way. Very funny with some language you don't usually hear on Broadway either. :)

After the show we had dinner at Osteria  Al Doge, our usual Italian place. So delicious. Didn't get home till after 2am but it was well worth it. 

Sunday we slept in late, then headed to the movies for a 2pm showing of "Kiss Ass 2". Was a good movie, probably not as good as the first one, but it was still fun. Went to Two Steps for some food afterwards. Hung out there for a while chatting with some friends. 

Now it's Monday and back to work. :(

Mail Update: Sent a letter to: Caroline/Scotland. Received letters/still owe a response to: Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Having fun in the sun - Florida Update

HannaLast day already again. Time always moves way faster when you are on vacation it seems. But we still have all of today plus our flight tomorrow does not leave till around 3pm. So let's focus on two more days away from work. :)

Having a good time here despite the crazy heat and humidity. It's honestly been brutal with that but we are powering through. :) With the help of some fruity tropical cocktails, yummy food and air-condition when it's just not bearable outside anymore. 

Thursday we ate at Barnacle Bill's Seafood (recommended by our friend Kelly), then had some drinks at Patrick's. Friday we drove up to Tampa to go to the zoo there. Was a really nice zoo, big, good layout and nice animal-friendly exhibits. After the zoo we drove over to the Hard Rock Casino. That's where the crappiness of Tampa really stood out to me. Tampa is just such a hellhole of a city. Of course there are a few nice parts but most of it is just horrible. We drove along a street with nothing but pawn shops to get to the casino. Of course they normally expect you to get right off the highway to go there and not go the back way but it really brought out the true nature of the place.  Had a nice late lunch at the Hard Rock anyway. On our way back to Sarasota we drove through the worst never-ending thunderstorm ever. Just wow. After that finally ended we went into downtown Sarasota to have some light food (cheese, crackers, meats) at the Sarasota Vineyard bistro/winebar. 

Yesterday, Friday, we checked out some nature trails at the Myakka State Park. Then afterwards had lunch at the Old Salty Dog in Siesta Key. Made it there just in time before another massive thunderstorm rolled through. Luckily their patio was covered so we could have our lunch undisturbed by the rain. Had thought about going to the beach after lunch but after sitting outside for a few hours the humidty & heat was really getting to us. Stopped at the beach to take a few pictures but even at 4pm it was still so hot we really didn't want to deal with it. Instead headed back to the hotel  to freshen up. Then dinner at the Dry Dock on Longboat Key. Such a gem of a place. They have delicious seafood but also the best patio where you are so close to the water. Some pelicans, egrets and even a manatee joined us for dinner. Very fun. :)

Today, Saturday, we are off to Orlando to check out the Universal Studio City Walk & Hard Rock Cafe there. We figured being inside in the AC for a good part of the day might be nice after having spent most of yesterday outside in the heat & humidity. :)

Mail Update: Still need to mail my letters  to: Jessica/DE and Celia/MA. Received letters/still owe a response to: Caroline/Scotland. 

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hello from Florida

Facebook_-1377876330So here we are. :) Were greeted by the usual Florida humidity. It's cloudy right now. Looks like there will probably be thunderstorms later. So all in all typical Florida weather. 

Our alarm went off at 3:45am so even though it's only a little after 2pm now I am sort of dragging. All went well with our flight. Almost got delayed but were able to leave and get there just a few minutes late. Picked up our rental car at the Tampa airport and drove to Sarasota from there. 

Checked in at our hotel (the La Quinta, it's ok, our room must have just been renovated recently so the room is nice, the surrounding areas are a little on the crappy side but hey whatever) Going into downtown Sarasota in a little bit to find something to eat. We had a delicous breakfast at the airport but that was hours ago at this point so definitely time to find some food. :)

Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow or the rest of the stay yet. Have some options and will decide later. For the most part this is going to be a relaxing vacation. Nice to be away from work for a few days. Will be very busy at work once we get back (upcoming school starts, Labor Day plus training on some A/R functions due to a person leaving) so I will take some peace and quiet while I can get it

Mail Update: Wrote letters on the plane to: Jessica/DE and Celia/MA. Received letters/still owe a response to: Caroline/Scotland. 

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Meet-Up, Walk & upcoming travel

TrailAnother weekend gone by. Didn't have to work which was a plus. :) 

On Saturday we slept in and then had a snack at Jim Barbarie's Black Angus Grill (they have the most delicious sliders) before heading up to Hartford's Bradley Airport. Our friend from Texas was flying in so we met up with him to have dinner. Went to the Cambridge House in Granby which is only a 10 minute drive from the airport. Had a yummy dinner and fun catching up. Last time we saw him was in July last year so it's always nice to sit down and catch up in person.

Sunday we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk. Went back to the Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail on the Meriden/Cheshire border. Not quite a 3 mile roundtrip walk on a paved trail. We had gone there once already back in November so were familiar with it. Nice and shady too which helped because even though it wasn't that hot the sun was burning down pretty hard. On the way back we stopped at 121 Restaurant in Oxford.   

Now it's Monday and back to work again. The only upside is that on Thursday we will be leaving for Florida so that's definitely something to look forward to. :) 

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to: Jessica/DE, Celia/MA and Caroline/Scotland.

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