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Sunday, January 04, 2015

New Year's + California Travel Plans

9i4o5KXAT-1And here we are in 2015. Another year gone by. I know it's a cliché to say that the years fly by faster when you get older but I think there does have to be some truth to it. Anyway let's hope 2015 is a good one.  I have had mixed messages from various friends. Two engagements with weddings planned for 2015,  but on the less positive side one of my friends lost relatives in the Air Asia crash which is just so sad. So a mixed bag as they say.

Personally we had a nice New Year's. Work was busy leading up to it as expected.  New Year's Eve we had reservations in Bethel at a wine bar where they had a pre-fix 4 course wine tasting dinner with great food and wine.  The only drawback was that they decided to do communal seating so we ended up with three other couples at our table. I wasn't really prepared for that and we didn't have much in common with the other people but oh well.  

Had the 1st off and went to the movies to see "Big Eyes" and then had a small feast (brie & baguette, shrimp cocktail, pepperjack & crackers, veggies & dip and pigs in a blanket) at home. 

Worked on Friday and Saturday. Today we had off and slept in. Then drove up to Massachusetts to check out a restaurant.  Papp's Bar and Grill at Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield, MA. Will be heading back soon-ish to watch some TV when we get home.

In different news we booked flights out to California for February (17-24) Will be out there for Mike's birthday and also meeting up with Nicki, our Australian friend who will be there. Really looking forward to it. Our flights are to LAX but planning on spending a night up in Santa Barbara and maybe a day trip to Catalina.  

Mail Update. Received a letter from Alexandra/Peru. 

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