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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Fall Sunday

SnoopyIt's starting to really feel like fall now. The weather has been gloomy, rainy and cold for the last few days.  But today it cleared up and is sunny.  It's windy so feels colder than it is but really feels like a true fall day. 

Worked 6 days as we are going through a big transition period at work. Also still training with the payroll girl to get that perfected some more before she leaves on her maternity leave. So not a dull moment for me at work at the moment. 

Today we have just been relaxing. Slept in late, took my time getting up and had a nice, hot, long shower. Made myself some tea.  Then we went for lunch at Rosy's. And just now some friends texted us so we will be meeting up with them in a bit to hang out. Later we are going to catch up on some TV shows we have recorded.  

And then tomorrow it's already Monday again and more work stuff to deal with and figure out. Let's see what this week brings. 

Mail Update: Received letters from: Lotte/Denmarks, Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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