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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Sunday Fun

IMG_20151011_134318It's really fall now. Today was the perfect fall/autumn day. Brisk blue skies, cool in the morning but warmer during the day. Just a bit of a breeze so the leaves blow around. Colors on the trees, some leaves on the ground so they crunch when you step on them. No humidity at all. It's perfect.  If I could hold on this weather and keep it 80-90% of the year I would be forever happy!! :) 

We went for a walk at one of our usual go-to places here in Connecticut and I have to say it's pretty in all seasons but especially so in fall. Had fun watching birds, chipmunks etc. while walking. 

Now we are out at a late lunch and eventually will head home and catch up with some TV shows. 

Work has been busy while we are undergoing a bunch of changes and transitions. Trying to make it all work out.  Also still training on payroll and some other things.  So definitely not a dull moment for me in sight right now.  

Mail Update: Received letters from: Carmen/Malta, Lotte/Denmarks, Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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