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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Anniversary Weekend

26872553_1566093346778459_7949125102069612544_n17 years ... it's really crazy to me to think about the fact that I have now been married for 17 years and 1 day. Where did all this time go? It's so weird. 26868887_101001854053586_6974658831481569280_nIt makes me feel truly old. I mean to be fair I was only 21 when we got married (you do the math where that puts me today) but still. Well, I guess time flies when you're having fun right? We've had our ups and downs but then what relationship doesn't to some degree? But all in all it's been pretty smooth sailing when I look at some other people's relationships. Definitely something to be thankful for. :) 

Our anniversary weekend has been very nice so far. Yesterday, Saturday, we went out to the east side of Connecticut to Clinton to have lunch at the bistro at Chamard Vineyard. Always enjoy going there. It was a super dreary day but it was fun nonetheless. The food was super delicious as always. We hung out for a while, snacking and drinking wine. Afterwards we decided to put in one more stop at another winery that I had been wanting to check out. So we drove to North Stonington (pretty much as far as you can go before hitting the Rhode Island border) for a wine tasting at Jonathan Edwards Winery. Definitely a neat place and we will need to go back when the weather is nicer. Seems like a good place to sit outside when the weather is warmer. Soon after we were done there the rain started and we had to make our 2 hour drive back in the rain. Not very enjoyable but other than that it was a nice day. Stopped at Rizzuto's when we got back and finished out the night there.

Today we slept in late which was nice and now are going to have lunch at 121 in Oxford. Then going to start catching up on some of our recorded shows. Managed to get a bit behind again so we'll try and catch up a little. And then tomorrow is already Monday again. Wednesday is Valentine's Day. No huge plans. Just going to hang out at Rizzuto's I think. And next week Sunday is Mike's birthday. No real plans for that yet either. He's not a huge birthday person so we'll see. 

Last week Wednesday was our Circle of Excellence dinner at work. I finished off the year at 95.51% with 212 surveys completed. The weather was a bit iffy but luckily not too bad. And the dinner was delicious (it was held at a local steak house). Fun break in the middle of the week. Let's see what else? Oh we booked a 2 night stay in Portland, Maine for Easter weekend so that should be fun. And I also booked flights to Europe to see my parents. Flying to Trieste, Italy on April 25 and will then spend some time in Piran, Slovenia with my parents before heading back to Austria, spending a few days there and flying back from Vienna on May 7th. 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter is going out to: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Laura/Spain, Eunice/Malta, Kimber/Canada and Carmen/Malta. 

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