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Monday, February 03, 2020

Hello February

FebruaryAnd it's February. January did seem like it lasted forever. We will see how February goes. February is always a kind of busy month for us. February 10th is our wedding anniversary (19 years this year - holy crap), February 14th Valentine's Day and February 18th Mike's birthday. As the years go on we have been doing less in terms of gifts and going all out with stuff but still try to do something small. I guess we'll probably do a nice dinner. Still need to figure out what I am getting Mike for his birthday. :) Again will probably be something small but really when you have been together for that long, also makes no sense to me to get stuff that just sits around the house and collects dust. Lately we have been going more in the direction of experience gifts (walking tours, concert/Broadway tickets, ...) or vacations. Makes more sense to me.

Our work dinner on Wednesday was nice. Had way too much food of course but it was delicious. I will need to get back to eating better this week so I don't completely ruin the few pounds I managed to lose in January. Losing weight really is not easy, especially the older I get. Ugh. Anyway enough complaining about that for now. 

Let's see, anything else interesting to report? Last week was a busy week at work with my year-end review, the work dinner and some other things. Oh and on Friday I was off as I had to head to the city to go to the Austrian consulate to renew my passport. All in all that appointment went pretty smooth. I did have to bring a bunch of supporting documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of citizenship, my old passport, my greencard, ..) but luckily I had everything they needed and was on my way pretty quickly. Hung out at Starbucks drinking Earl Grey tea for a bit and then had lunch at the Austrian Cafe Sabarsky about 10 blocks north of the consulate. Stopped into Old Navy and H&M on my way back to Grand Central. So yeah, all in all a pretty good day.

The weekend was pretty low key. Saturday we went to Oxford for lunch at 121 and later I spent the evening reading and cuddling with the cat. Sunday we headed to Hurricane in Newburgh for lunch and then later caught up on some recorded TV shows. Didn't bother with the Super Bowl which was fine with me. Not really a football fan. Like I said, an uneventful weekend. This upcoming weekend we have Broadway tickets to see "Jagged Little Pill". Looking forward to that!  

Letter/Mail Update: Received mail/owe letters to: Lotte/Denmark and Carmen/Malta. 

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