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Monday, May 11, 2020

Snow in May, Furlough and more

IMG_20200511_104452_786The weather has been absolutely bonkers. Last weekend we were sitting outside and I was even getting a little sun burnt and this past weekend it snowed. Yes, SNOWED. Crazy snow squalls with super huge snowflakes. In our area it didn't really stick but in a few towns north of us they did get a thin layer with an inch or a little more of snow. So weird. That was Saturday. It was pretty cold (well obviously since it snowed) and also windy and just not pleasant at all. We went to the store and picked up some breakfast from a local diner and otherwise didn't really do too much. 

Sunday luckily was a bit better. It was still very chilly in the morning but did warm up as the day went on. We met up with our friends John and Jana. We haven't seen them in probably 2+ months. They have been pretty much sheltered in place, adhering to all the rules, etc. Same as us really. So this past weekend we decided to go for a socially distanced hike with them to a park about 20-30 minutes away. And then they invited us over for some food at their place. We sat outside in their outdoor backyard area at their apartment building and it really was a lovely day. It was nice seeing them and to catch up in person. 

Today is my first day of furlough at work and it does feel a bit weird, it being Monday, and me just sitting around. I did vacuum this morning already and am planning on making a lemon herb egg salad for lunch in a little bit. And maybe in the afternoon I will have some more tea and read some more of my book. Going to make the best of the next three weeks of my furlough and enjoy the time off. Will try and do some productive things like decluttering my closet and dressers and answer my letters. Will also try and go for a walk every day like I have been doing during my lunch break. 

I did apply for unemployment already but when it actually pays out of course remains to be seen as they are of course super behind with all the additional unemployment claims flowing in due to COVID 19. When applying for unemployment I needed my Green Card number. And when I went to look for it, it was nowhere to be found. I usually always keep it in the same place with my passport. I tore apart everything and was starting to be convinced that it somehow vanished into thin air when I finally found it hours later -- in the dresser drawer underneath the one it is usually in, hiding in between my socks and underwear. Fun times. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Nina/WA and Eunice/Malta.

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