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Monday, August 24, 2020

Vet Follow-up, Winery Weekend etc

IMG_20200822_172140_626And it's hot again. The weekend was hot and muggy but I guess I shouldn't complain. Summer is definitely on the way out and we have had some almost IMG_20200823_141955_925 fall like days recently as well. Once it gets truly cold I am sure I will complain about that as well. My perfect weather would be 70 degree weather year round. Well, once can dream right? 

Had a nice weekend even though we didn't really do all that much. Saturday morning we had our follow up appointment at the vet with Mindy. No stones on the xray so that's good. They weren't able to get an urine sample from her and gave me some lab litter to try and collect some at home. Yeah, that's not going to work out. So we will probably have to bring her back to the vet at some point this week and drop her off in the morning, have her stay there for the day and then pick her up again at the end of the day. We will see how we can get this done. She's definitely acting much more normal and I think feeling ok so that's good. Just need to have her urine re-checked to make sure those crystals have gone away. 

After the vet on Saturday we had lunch at Broken Symmetry and when we got home started watching the new season of Lucifer. We finished it on Sunday (8 episodes) and I definitely recommend it. This is season 5A so hopefully not too far in the future they will release the second part of season 5. We also still have a bunch of "Schitt's Creek" to watch so we'll be ok. Plenty of shows both on Netflix, Amazon and regular TV that it's really not possible to watch everything. Not sure what will happen with the fall season of TV with everything that's been going on. A lot of the filming was shut down for months so I expect there will be delays. 

Sunday we stopped at two wineries, Hawk Ridge & Miranda and had fun just hanging out, sipping some wine and having some snacks. Also stopped at Centrico on the way home where we met up with our friend John. And then binged the rest of Lucifer when we got home. So definitely an enjoyable weekend. Now it's Monday again but the day is slowly getting towards an end so that's good. 

Also can't believe we are almost through August and just one more week to go before we are in September. I know summer doesn't really end until mid September but Labor Day is always a kind of unofficial end to the summer it feels like. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA, Lotte/Denmark, Celia/MA and Kimber/Canada. 

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