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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

4th of July Weekend

IMG_20210704_190744_365Fun long weekend and here we are and it's already Tuesday again, which is my Monday this week since I was off yesterday. Happy belated 4th of July to IMG_20210704_191143_184 everyone here in the US. :) Hope everyone had a good weekend and nice Monday if you had it off. I never used to have holidays off and especially not days after holidays at my old job but hey I will take it. 

Saturday was a wash out for the most part, pretty cool and raining most of the day. I didn't mind too much though 'cause after the crazy heat we had during last week I didn't really mind some cool air. We went for lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport and stopped at Rosy's for a bit before heading home and watching some TV. Then on Sunday we decided to head into the city. This was the first time in NYC since before March 2020 and the pandemic. Was really nice to be back. NY was a weird vibe going on still though. Especially in mid town there are a lot of places still closed, Broadway is still all closed up (re-opening in September) We didn't really hit any traffic going down and the city just felt oddly quiet somehow. 

We went to MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) which we also have been wanting to do for a while since they renovated and made it bigger. They currently have a Cezanne exhibit and also a neat automobile one. Plus all their regular stuff and some other temporary exhibits of course. Was fun checking everything out. After the museum we headed downtown to have lunch at Lillie's. We discovered Lillie's uptown when going to a Broadway show a few years back. But their uptown location is currently closed so we decided to check out their downtown Union Square location once. It is interesting because they really look almost the same inside, pretty neat. Brunch was delicious and we hung out for a while before heading back uptown and driving home. Definitely a fun way to spend the 4th. 

And yesterday we went to a couple wineries in Wallingford, CT - Gouveia and Paradise Hill. Always a fun way to spend a day. The weather was pretty overcast, especially in the morning. But it was still nice to sit outside and enjoy some wine and snacks. Eventually made it back to Danbury and stopped at Rosy's for a late lunch/early dinner before heading home and binging some more of "Lucifer". 

And well now it's Tuesday morning and off to work in a few. I am back at the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week going forward. Our office is officially re-opening starting today. I am curious how many people will actually be there. Everyone pretty much had the option to decide if they wanted to go back in or do a hybrid model or stay fully remote for now. Will be interesting to see how everything goes. Anyway, not really looking forward to the day after the holiday (tends to be crazy) but is what it is.  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK.

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