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Monday, August 02, 2021

Wave Hill

IMG_20210731_162218_300And yes here we are again, Monday night. And it's August. I feel like I have been wishing the summer away between being so busy at work and half the time the weather being either super hot, humid, raining or all of the above. We haven't had a lot of great weather this summer so far. 

Can't complain too much about the weekend. Saturday was a really nice day weather wise. We went to Wave Hill in the Bronx. Been meaning to go there for ages when we used to see posters for it on Metro North on the train. Anyway it was a pretty place and we walked all around and checked out the different areas, plants, flowers and views. When we were done there we went to Rizzuto's in Westport. Traffic was horrible but we did eventually make it. 

Sunday we went to the movies and saw "Jungle Cruise" which was a fun and entertaining movie. After the movies we had lunch at Newsylum Brewery in Newtown which we had been meaning to check out for ages as well. Delicious pizza and they had Citizen cider on draft as well so that worked out. Afterwards we stopped at Rosy's for a bit where we met up with John. And eventually caught up on some TV and movie stuff at home. 

Watched a few movies over these past days. "Tomorrow's War" (meh), "SAS Red Notice" (not super impressed), "Jungle Cruise" (fun & easy watch) and "My Spy" (cute funny movie) and also finished my re-read of "Echo in the Bone". Now I just have "Written in my Own Heart's Blood" to read before the new one in the Outlander series comes out in November. 

Had another new person start at work today. In the office tomorrow too, then Wednesday and Thursday I am working 1/2 days. We have tickets to a concert at Citi Field in NYC Wednesday night. Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Wheezer and the Interrupters. Should be a great show. It's been ages since we have been to a concert. I am a bit freaked out with the whole Delta variant thing going around but at least it is an outdoor show and I am fully vaccinated so I guess I will take the risk. I am looking at it as a calculated risk. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Carmen/Malta, Celia/MA, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK and Kimber/Canada.

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