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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Goodbye Europe ... until we meet again

IMG_20220924_211142_596And somehow it's already my last night here in Austria. Not sure how that happens. How can three whole weeks fly IMG_20220925_183000_563 by that fast? It's a mystery I will never quite understand. 

This past week I was off Monday through Wednesday. Went to a few appointments with my mom and we also went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and relaxed. Thursday and Friday I worked which of course made the days fly by even faster. It was really nice to have a week off straight in a row but of course coming back from that means even crazier times trying to catch up. 

Saturday I went back into Vienna and met up with my friend Claudia. Ended up being there about an hour early and used the time to be a bit touristy, sitting in a cafe facing St Stephen's Cathedral. The weather was pretty decent and nice enough to be able to sit outside (at least for a short time) which was great considering the weather hasn't been all that great. Very fall like, chilly and often raining. But my hour sitting in the cafe enjoying the view and people watching was a lot of fun. Then I met up with Claudia at Schwedenplatz and we caught up chatting. 

Today, Sunday, my mom, aunt and our neighbors took a little daytrip into the countryside (about 1 hour and a half one way). The weather wasn't super amazing but it ended up not raining which was good. And we had some delicious food and an enjoyable day. 

When we got back I ended up doing all my packing and now just watching some TV and drinking some wine, trying to relax and enjoy my last night with my mom. The airport taxi picks me up at 5.30am. Ugh. 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for once :)

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