Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ollie, Elton John and more

Elton JohnAnother weekend off which was definitely nice. Slept in on both days, which was even nicer. :) 

Mid-week we had a vet appointment with Ollie. We suspected that he might have an UTI (urinary tract infection) as he was peeing on the bed, which he normally never does. So off to the vet we went. They took his blood to test everything else since he has the kidney issues. That actually came back with positive results where his kidneys seem to be functioning slightly better, probably due to the medication and special food he is on. He is showing a tad of anemia, which is probably a side effect of the kidney problems, and unfortunately not something that can be treated. But right now it's just a minor concern.

They couldn't get a urine sample from him since he decided to pee all over me in the car on the ride to the vet so of course had an empty bladder once we got there. So they kept him for the day but even at the end of the day when I called and checked up on him they still couldn't get a sample. So he had to stay overnight but luckily by the morning they were able to get the sample. The results have been back since then too and he does have a bit of an UTI so he is now on a 20-day antibiotic treatment for it. Luckily giving him pills is easy these days, as he loves the pill pocket treats where you can hide the pills inside. Thank god. :)

So that was my excitement for most of the week. Worrying about Ollie, bringing him there, picking him up etc. In more fun news we got to see Elton John in concert on Friday in Bridgeport. When the tickets had gone on sale originally they sold out pretty much immediately. So we waited and checked StubHub every so often. Eventually the tickets did go down, as people were afraid they wouldn't sell them probably. We ended up getting our tickets for face value so no loss there. The show was amazing. He played for over 3 hours. 

Let's see, what else? Yesterday we slept in, picked up Ollie's antibiotics at the vet and then went to the movies to see "About Time". I really liked the movie, same person who created "Notting Hill", "Four Weddings & A Funeral" and "Love Actually" so same feel to the movie. Afterwards we hung out at Two Steps for a while.

Today more sleeping in and in a bit we are off to the White Horse Pub in Marbledale for brunch. Yummy place. 

Mail Update: Received letters still owe a response to: Nina/WA, Charles/TN, Jessica/DE, Emilia/Finland and Carmen/Malta.

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