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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dublin - here we come

Dublin-logo Sorry it's taken me this long to make another post. Time just seems to be flying for me at the moment. Work is really busy (we are still in the testing phase of our new project) so I don't seem to get around to a whole lot of other things. I will try and do better with my updating though. 

I do have some exciting news for you all though. After thinking we wouldn't be able to go on a vacation because of all the craziness at work we received an email with an airfare alert (roundtrip to Dublin for $310 from NY). Yay ! So of course that was too good of a deal to pass up so we are going for a long weekend (4 nights) in the very beginning of May. I am super excited. :)

Never been to Ireland so far, only England. So it will be fun to be able to put a new country on my "visited places" list. I would love to see the countryside of Ireland, stay in Bed & Breakfasts and all that but for now I will be happy with Dublin. It's a good start. And I am sure we will have a great time exploring the city. And we only have to take 3 days off from work so that's not so bad. It should all work out.  

Mail update. Letters are going out on Monday to: Celia/MA and Lotte/Denmark. Since my last update letters went out to: Jessica/DE, Nina/WA and David/IN. Received letters from/still owe replies to:  Tiffany/OK, Sarah/Canada and Jetta/Finland.

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