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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book Launch for "Echo" .. Diana & me


Just a quick post here from me. Had a great time in Arizona but of course the three days flew by way too quick. I spent most of Monday and Wednesday traveling. But it was still a lot of fun. It was great to meet my friend Cyndy and to see my friend Linda from Santa Barbara again.

We had a lot of fun, hanging out, chatting about everything (lots of Outlander book talk of course) and just relaxing. I couldn't believe how hot it still is in the Phoenix area at the end of Sept. Over 100 degrees F (40 degrees C). Crazy. But we were able to swim in the pool which was nice, have a fun dinner at the Yardhouse and lunch at the Auld Dubliner.

And of course let's not forget the book launch event at the Arizona Biltmore. I was amazed at how many people were there. They had 2200 copies of pre-signed books and actually sold out of them. Luckily we were there about an hour before so we didn't have to wait in line that long (we still waited quite a while though) but it was worth it of course. I now have a signed and personalized copy of "Echo in the Bone" and a picture with Diana Gabaldon. Yay. :)

Well, now it's back to work and real life. I feel like I have just been going, going, going. I think it's definitely time to slow down and take it easy for a little while. Let's see how work goes today.

Mail update: Letters have gone out to: Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark. Also have a letter for Eunice/Malta that I need to mail. Received letters from/still owe replies to: NONE.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy


Just a quick post here from me. Had a great remaining time in Halifax. Of course the days just flew by. Sunday the weather was kind of rainy so we did all indoor stuff. Went to Pier 21 - the immigration museum which was really interesting. After lunch we went to Keith Brewery for a brewery tour which was also very cool. They have costumed guides acting out the period (1862) telling you a lot about the history and brewing process along with songs & games.

Monday we went to Dartmouth across the harbor for a little walking tour. The ferry ride back to Halifax was especially neat because of the harbor and skyline views. Met up with my pal Kimber for lunch. It was great to see her in person for the first time after writing for so many years. In the afternoon we went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which had a really neat exhibit on the Titanic. Halifax was one of the first cities to respond to the disaster and a lot of victims are buried there as well.

Tuesday we started our drive back and stopped in Kennebunkport, ME for the night. Kennebunkport is such a cute town and I am always happy when we get to be there, even if it's for one night and dinner. Had a yummy dinner at Federal Jack's. Then Wednesday morning we left Maine and headed straight back to work.

Work's been busy but I have lots of outside-of-work activities to keep me busy too. Today we are going to see "Hamlet" on Broadway, starring Jude Lawe. Probably will have dinner after the show which means we won't get home till after 2am most likely. Tomorrow we are going to see "The Time Traveler's Wife" at the movies since I have been wanting to see that for ages. Also need to pack tomorrow since I am off to Phoenix on Monday. Flying there Monday, Tuesday is the launch/release party for Echo and then flying back to the East Coast on Wednesday. So yeah, I am keeping busy. :)

Mail update: Letters went out on Monday to: Alex/Spain and Caroline/Scotland. Letters went out on Thursday to: Celia/MA and Jetta/Finland. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Charles/TN, Lotte/Denmark and Eunice/Malta.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello from Nova Scotia

Hanna-Peggy's Cove Having a really great time here in Nova Scotia so far. The drive up seemed to take forever (about 13 hrs) but we made it with no problems. Amazing how long you can drive through Maine and New Brunswick took forever too.

Nova Scotia is a very pretty state from what we have seen so far. Took a nice scenic drive along the Lighthouse Route today which hugs the coast and has some really pretty scenery. Stopped at Peggy's Cove which is a neat fishing village with a lighthouse. For lunch we stopped at a small diner where I had a super delicious lobster caesar salad and Mike a lobster roll.

After we got back from the drive we walked around the downtown area, looking at the seafront and all the different restaurants and shops. Back at the hotel now and going out for dinner in a bit to Rogues Roost Brewpub. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a little iffy so we will probably plan some indoor stuff, museums, etc. Really enjoying our trip so far.

Mail update: Since the last update letters went out to: Charles/TN. On the way up I wrote letters to: Alex/Spain and Caroline/Scotland (just need to get stamps to mail them) Received letters from/still owe replies to: Celia/MA and Jetta/Finland. 

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day Weekend ... finally

 I am so glad it's finally Labor Day weekend. This is week number three where I worked 6 days. I am definitely getting tired of it. It's been just extra crazy at work this past week and a half. Mostly because of all the schools starting back up and trying to organize everything, figuring out delivery days, who starts what day and needs deliveries when, restructuring our routes to accomdate all the new schools we have this year and so on. It's just been one thing after another. Worked till 3 today and will be at work for at least 1/2 a day on Monday.

I don't want to kid myself into thinking that it will all be easy after Labor Day but things should get better, at least in another week or so. At least all the startup deliveries for most of the schools are done, the schedules are figured out and things should improve from here on out.

The part to focus on is that we will be leaving for Halifax on Friday next week. That's less than a week. I am definitely in need of a vacation. It will be nice to get away, even if it's just for a few days. And not too long after that I will be going to Phoenix. There is still a lot to do before I can think about a vacation but at least I am closer than I was before.

Mail update: Since the last update letters went out to: Lotte/Denmark and Celia/MA. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Charles/TN, Caroline/Scotland, Alex/Germany and Jetta/Finland. 

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