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Sunday, April 26, 2015

IKEA .. Kitchen .. Table & Chairs .. Yay :)

Collage_20150426130144584_resized_1The really nice weather took a turn back to winter this week as we had frost warnings for several nights in a row plus temps below freezing overnight. Monday and Tuesday it rained and was pretty miserable. Wednesday wasn't so bad for half of the day. As I was home I was able to take a walk to the library to check out some books (Nora Roberts' "The Dark Witch", Laura Childs' "Steeped in Evil" and Sarah Addison Allen's "Lost Lake") I am currently halfway through "The Dark Witch" and am really enjoying it. Great book.

Had to work Saturday and today we slept in. Also went to the movies to see "While we're young" which was a pretty good movie. And most importantly put together our table & chair set we picked up from Ikea a week and a half ago. Well, I say we, Mike really did all the work. :) I just helped with cleaning up the boxes, bags and random stuff plus vacuumed and cleaned around some other parts of the apartment while he worked on the kitchen stuff.  

Very happy with the outcome and nice to have a table and chairs in the kitchen again. So much nicer than the old set we had in our house too. And it was only $149 which really is a bargain. Can't complain about that whatsoever. :) 

Will head out for a late lunch in a bit and relax for the rest of our Sunday. And then it will already be Monday again. Why do weekends always go by so fast? Ugh. On Tuesday we have to head to Port Chester as I have to get a new picture & fingerprints taken for renewing my green card. Can't believe I have already been here this long that it's time to renew my green card. Time really does fly. 

 Mail Update. Letters went out on Thursday to: Laura/Spain and Celia/MA. Owe replies to/received letters from: Nina/WA and Eunice/Malta. 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring .. we're slowly getting there

Collage_20150419155410285Yes it's spring and yes it's actually been pretty nice. Yesterday we had 70F (20C) but we had to work. It's a bit cooler today but not by that much and still nice and sunny. So we went for a 5 mile walk on a rail trail in Ridgefield to take advantage of the nice weather and to be outside. 

Now we are in Fairfield for a late lunch. Had a delicious arugula, tomato, white bean salad with a salmon cake. Soo good. Currently enjoying an equally delicious skinny strawberry margarita. Yumm. 

I was off on Wednesday last week and we made a trip to Ikea in New Haven in the afternoon to pick up a kitchen table/chair set. Haven't put it together yet but at least it's in our apartmen. Hopefully this coming week. 

Not too much else new really. Work's been about the same as always. Just happy that the weather has finally gotten a bit nicer although the forecast for next week holds some cooler, rainy weather again. But then that's spring for you I suppose. 

 Mail Update. A letter went out on Thursday to Charles/TN. Owe replies to/received letters from: Laura/Spain, Celia/MA and Eunice/Malta. 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some nice spring weather ... finally!!!

IMG_20150412_144242 IMG_20150412_143659So finally some nice weather, on a weekend where we have both Saturday and Sunday off no less. It's crazy. :) Not going to complain though. We definitely took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and today and were able to get outside on both days. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we went into NYC for a walk. Ended up doing close to 8 miles altogether. Parked uptown on the west side and walked along the Hudson, past the Intrepid, and down to the newest part of the Highline. Crossed over to the Highline and walked on that to the end and then over to a Mexican restaurant in the village for lunch. 

After lunch we walked back over to the Hudson and back uptown to where we parked. And drove back to CT. I ended up staying home and watched the newest episode of "Outlander" while Mike met up with our friends John & Jana who just returned from a trip to Finland. Will need to catch up with their stories soon. :)

Today, Sunday, we went to check out a nature preserve by the audubon society in Cold Springs/Garrison, NY called the Constitution Marsh. Our friend Robin just went there yesterday and we saw a picture he posted on his Instagram and thought it looked neat so we went there to check it out today. Really neat area, about 2 miles of hiking but much more strenuous (up and down hill over rocks) than our 8 miles yesterday. The views were definitely worth it though. :) 

After our hike we went to Poughkeepsie to have lunch at the Millhouse Brewing Company. We went there one other time in the fall and was happy to come back again. Yummy food. 

Tonight the MTV Movie Awards are on so we will check that out and maybe catch on some other TV shows. We will see. Sucks it's already Monday again tomorrow. Ugh. 

 Mail Update. Owe replies to/received letters from: Laura/Spain, Celia/MA and Charles/TN. 

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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter

11137086_10155400154220646_5518566774885718483_nSo happy Easter everyone.  :) Not really doing anything for Easter but we had the weekend off, both Saturday and Sunday which was nice. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we slept in a bit and then decided to take advantage of the fairly nice weather to go for a 4.5 mile walk. It was breezy and only about 50F (=10C) but still felt nicer than the bone chilling cold we have been having all winter. Brrr. So we went for our walk and afterwards for a late lunch in Oxford at 121. 

Afterwards at night I stayed home to watch the mid season premiere of "Outlander" - episode 9. Was really excited to see a new episode after the 6 month hiatus. Definitely did not disappoint. 

Today we went up to Southbury to look for a new kitchen table-chair set but ended up having to abondon that idea. The prices went way up overnight due to a sale ending.  How annoying. The staff did tell us that it's very likely for the same furniture to go on sale again next week or the week after so fingers crossed. Will need to check the prices before we drive there next time. 

Hanging out at Flipside in Fairfield now where they have all day happy hour today. Yay for yummy skinny margaritas. And tomorrow is already Monday again.  Ugh. 

Mail Update. All caught up for once. Let's see how long that lasts. I know there is a letter from Spain on its way. :)

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