Sunday, May 01, 2016

Walkway over the Hudson, Broadway and more

Pixlr_20160501145259830And already Sunday afternoon again. Can't complain. Had/having a very relaxed weekend. Didn't have to work Saturday which was nice.  

Saturday the weather was pretty nice as well so we took advantage of that and spent some time outdoors, on the Walkway over the Hudson. Always enjoy spending time there and when the cooperates it's extra nice.  Walked across and back again and then had a leisurely lunch at the Millhouse Brewpub. Yum. 

Hung out at Two Steps with some friends and later watched "Special Correspondents" (Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana) on Netflix. Really neat and funny movie.  So all in all a fun day.

Got to sleep in again this morning.  Managed to write two letters while having some tea before we headed out for lunch.  Now at 121 in Oxford having some yummy food and wine, relaxing, before we are heading back home to catch up on some recorded TiVo shows and movies. Should be a nice relaxed rest of our Sunday.

In other fun news just splurged on some Broadway tickets for my birthday which is Oct 24. The tickets are for Sunday 3pm, Oct 23. I love Broadway and it's been ages since we have been to a show. These seats are really great too, pretty much right in the middle of the action.  If you want to check it out go take a look here.  Really can't wait.  Should be worth the price for an unique and different experience  (you can check out the seating when you click on "Tickets") We have two of the blue dots, the swiveling arm chairs. :) 

Well that's all for today. Going to spend the rest of this rainy day drinking some more tea and wine and catching up on shows. And tomorrow it's already Monday again.  

Mail Update: Mailing letters tomorrow to Charles/TN and Celia/MA. 

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Josh Groban Stages Live + snow

Pixlr_20160205135148545Here's a quick update to talk about yesterday's fun evening with my friend Jana. I had never been to one of the Fathom Events at the AMC movie theaters before. Here's a link if you're curious. They are usually either screenings of older movies/classics or broadcasts of shows, musicals, operas etc. 

This time around it was a broadcast of Josh Groban's new DVD special, a recording of a show in L.A. followed by a live Q&A from Los Angeles. It was a lot of fun and nice to be able to watch the performance in a movie theater with surround sound and on the big screen. 

Had fun hanging out with my friend Jana - a fun girl's night out. After the screening and Q&A we met up with Mike and her husband John. All in all a fun Thursday night. 

Much better than today where we had to deal with snow and all the annoying side effects that come with it at work. Originally we weren't supposed to really get much and the storm was supposed to pass us by but then we woke up this morning and that didn't quite happen. Grrr. 

So we had to deal with an annoying snowy ride into work followed by annoying stuff at work. I guess it could be worse and all in all we have been pretty spoilt this winter. It's already February and this is only the 2nd storm we have had. I guess we will see what the rest of the month and winter brings. 

At least tomorrow is Saturday. We do have to work but hopefully we can get out at a decent time and then it will be the weekend. No big plans at the moment. Maybe the movies? Guess we will see. 

Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Jessica/DE, Celia/MA, Charles/TN. 

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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Holiday Season ... so it begins

IMG_20151205_141343So here we are .. December and Christmas season.  Time flies. Still busy at work and nothing will change with that until the holidays are over. It's our busiest season no matter what even when we aren't in the middle of a move/getting settled in. 

Sort of had this Saturday off. Still had to deal with work stuff but at least it wasn't a true full day.  I put up some of my xmas decorations. Got the tree put up but still need to get lights and actually decorate it. I think that will be Tuesday night's project. We will see. 

Mailed all my Christmas cards and packages on Saturday too. $188 just for the packages  (domestic and international) not including the stamps.  It truly gets more expensive every year. 

Today we slept in and then went for lunch at a local sports bar. Going to catch up on some of our TiVo stuff later on I think.  We will see. 

And tomorrow we have tickets to see Ingrid Michaelson's Holiday Hop xmas show.  Hopefully we can leave work early so we can get down to NYC in the afternoon to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, decorations on 5th Avenue etc. before catching the show. 

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe replies to: Celia/MA, Charles/TN, Tiffany/OK and Laura/Spain.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eurovision in Vienna - Sweden 12 points

Collage_20150523191044118Had a busy week at work as usual leading up to the Memorial Day holiday. Always a lot going on and pretty hectic trying to make sure everything is arranged correctly, orders are placed and nothing falls through the cracks. Of course no matter how hard you try there is always something that ends up not working out. But all in all it went ok I guess.

Mike and I actually have a three day weekend which is very nice and very rare so we are appreciating it. :) Today we relaxed a bit because Mike's not feeling too great, dealing with seasonal allergies plus a cold. So we slept in and stayed home. I made some lunch (yummy Serbian rice dish from a packet I bought in Austria) and afterwards we caught up with the rest of the current season of "The Big Bang Theory". 

After that it was time for Eurovision. Mike watched some "Parks and Rec" episodes while I caught up with friend Joanne from the UK to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online. I was excited to be able to catch the ORF Austrian broadcast live stream of the contest while chatting with Joanne online. It was fun to talk about the various performances and voting afterwards. Definitely a lot of fun. 

Austria sadly didn't get any points at all which is kind of disappointing since their performance actually was quite good I thought. But it's ok, we're used to it. :) I am still in shock that we actually won the contest last year. Only the second time in history and first time since the 60ies. It was definitely exciting to watch a song contest in Austria and to be able to see Vienna as the host city. Originally I had planned on going to Vienna for it but it ended up not working out. Oh well. It was definitely fun to catch it online with my friend though. :)

Now I am just lounging around, having some tea and being lazy. Feels like it's been a long day. I guess Eurovision is exhausting. lol. :)

Mail Update: Received mail/owe a reply: Laura/Spain.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Paramore @ Mohegan Sun and Happy Mother's Day!

Collage_20150510133729307And here we go, another week already flown by and it's Sunday afternoon again. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and especially my mom of course. :) Spoke with her and my dad on the phone earlier. They are currently planning a trip to France for the fall. Glad that they are doing generally well and are making fun plans. 

The weather here is really nice, sunny and in the 80ies F (27C) today but Mike's fighting with his seasonal allergies so we are staying indoors. 

Had a fun day yesterday. Drove out to eastern Connecticut near the Rhode Island border and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods Casino. Not generally a casino fan but we had tickets to see Paramore at Mohegan Sun so we had a late lunch/early dinner at Foxwoods before heading over to Mohegan for the show.

This was the 5th time we have seen Paramore over the last 2 years. As always it was a great show and a lot of fun. Mike's niece and her friend were also there along with some other people we knew so that was also fun. 

Didn't get home till after 1am so we slept in. I then puttered around the apartment for a bit, made myself some tea and watched the latest Outlander episode from last night. Only 2 more episodes in this season. Ugh.

Not too much going on for next week. Will need to start Memorial Day prep at work soon to try and get everything organized for the holiday.

On Tuesday I have plans to meet up with my friend Jana to see "The Age of Adaline" at the movies which should be fun. And hopefully supposed to be off from work on Wednesday. We will see how it goes. 

Mail Update: No letters have gone out. Received mail/owe a reply: Charles/TN. 

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

SNOW + David Garrett

IMG_20150203_071324Been meaning to update since Sunday but time's just getting away from me. Had another snow storm Sunday night into Monday which totally messed up everything, especially at work. It wasn't even that bad. Maybe 6-10 inches I would guess, maybe a bit more, but over the course of Sunday night to Monday night.

Some other areas we deliver to received more snow though so we ran into difficulties delivering and had to reschedule a bunch of routes from Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday to Wednesday. Having to do that always ends up messy, making sure we don't forget anyone, making sure people end up on the right routes/trucks etc. Plus checking school schedules, seeing who is closed or delayed and how much milk they have on hand and/or need. 

 Last week was absolutely crazy too after having a "blizzard of the century" warning for Tuesday, closing our offices down, and then not really getting a lot of snow in the end. We were struggling the whole rest of the week trying to recover from that. What a mess. I know quite a lot of New England did get a ton of snow but the forecast for NYC and our area of CT was just dead wrong. Ugh. 

In more fun news Sunday was a great day for me. Went down to NYC to meet up with some friends for the "Devil's Violinist" screening at the Quad Theatre in the Village. David Garrett was scheduled to be there for a Q&A and short performance after the movie. Had a lot of fun meeting up with some other fans and seeing the movie. We sat in the first row which was a bit of a pain during the actual movie but paid off afterwards when we were super close to David during the Q&A and performance. 

It was great to see him again and was made even better when I was able to get his autograph and even a picture with him. I was completely beside myself. :) It was a truly amazing day. And definitely worth the trip down to NYC and the late train ride home. So much fun. 

Now it's back to reality, snow and crazy work. Let's hope this week gets at least a tad better but I am not sure how hopeful I want to be either. There is snow in the forecast on various days so it will all depend on how much we get if anything. It's also super cold so that's not helping either. I am SO ready for spring. 

Mail Update. Letters went out today to: Jessica/DE and Charles/TN. Received letters from: Tiffany/OK, Nina/WA, Emilia/Finland, Lotte/Denmark, Kimber/Canada, Celia/MA and Alexandra/Peru. 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Patton Oswalt - Carnegie Hall Weekend Update

IMG_20150111_141419And it's already Sunday again. Had both Saturday and today off which was nice but even with the two days it just flew by. But isn't that the way it always goes? 

Friday we woke up to a snowy mess. We didn't even get that much, just,a few inches, but the timing was just bad with it happening right during morning rush hour. At first a lot of the schools had delays (usually 90 min-2 hours to give the towns some extra time to clear and sand the roads and sidewalks) but then switched to cancellations. I don't know if that was really necessary considering the sun was out mid to late morning. Anyway needless to say all that made for a rather unenjoyable morning at work especially since we also had to leave earlier than normal that day. 

We had tickets to see Patton Oswalt at Carnegie Hall so we took the train down to NYC. Had dinner beforehand at a burger place called RARE we found (37th & Lexington, not that far from Grand Central) One of the best burgers I had in a while, hands down, super delicious. After dinner we headed over to Carnegie Hall to see Patton Oswalt. Very fun show. Afterwards we had another drink and then headed back to CT. Ended up being home around 2am so we slept in late on Saturday. :)

Saturday we got up late and had a relaxed day. Went for lunch and then back home to catch up on a bunch of TV shows. Today, Sunday, slept in too. I got up a bit earlier and took care of some things around the house. Vacuumed and took the Christmas deco down while Mike was in the shower. Afterwards we headed to Flipside in Fairfield for a late lunch. Here now, heading back home in a bit. Gonna stop at the grocery store and later we will watch the Golden Globes. And then it's already Monday tomorrow. Ugh. Another winter weather watch on our horizon as well. Sounds like a repeat of Friday. Double ugh. 

Mail Update. Received letters from Celia/MA, Charles/TN and Alexandra/Peru. 

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Weekend, Paramore & Scranton, PA

Collage_20140901102133526Here is a quick update from Scranton, PA. We are here for one night for the Paramore show. Worked Saturday and also for about an hour Sunday morning to finish up some month-end stuff at work. Saturday night I was able to meet up with my friend Jana and her friend Nathan for a lovely fondue dinner at the Melting Pot in Darien. Then Sunday morning we drove to Scranton (a little over 2 hrs) and checked in at our hotel. We are staying at a really neat Radisson that originally was a train station and then converted into a hotel later on. Definitely different and a lot of fun. 

After checking in at the hotel we walked around downtown for a bit and had lunch at the Backyard Ale House. Had a nice lunch and then went back to the hotel to freshen up for a bit before heading downstairs to the hotel bar Trax (pretty neat design). Later on we drove to the venue - the Pavillion (definitely different too, on top of a mountain near ski resorts, ski lifts, water parks and whatnot) Saw the end of the opening band New Politics and of course the whole set of Paramore. Ended up not staying for Fallout Boy so we wouldn't have a crazy time getting out of the venue later. This was the third time we saw the show and I can definitely say they put on a great performance at each show. Neat to compare the different venues (Hartford, CT - Holmdel, NJ - Scranton, PA) too. 

Well, now it's Monday morning - Labor Day - and we have the day off. Well mostly, we do have to head into work for about an hour when we get back home but at least we were able to sleep in and can now take it easy for most of the day. We might check out some sights around here before we leave Scranton. There's a train museum really close by to where we are staying (makes sense considering we are staying in a train station doesn't it *g*) so we might check that out in a bit. 

Mail Update: Letters are going out tomorrow to: Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark. Still owe replies to: David/IN.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Pretty Little Demons

20140804_190249_resizedHappy Tuesday. Dragging a little this morning as we  went to the city to see a show last night. But hey gotta have fun and live a little every once in a while right? 

It's always fun to be in NYC. Got to explore a new area on the Lower East Side we had never really been in before. Ate at Spitzer's Corner, then headed over to The Wren across the street from the Bowery Hotel for a few more drinks and another snack. 

After that it was time to go to Pianos to see "Pretty Little Demons". It was the first time I saw them live and I was really excited to finally get to see them play. It's amazing how much talent they have at only 12 and 13 years old. Makes me wish I had any sort of musical talent, even just a little bit. 

Anybody reading this should definitely check out their music. They even played at Lallapalooza in Chicago this past weekend. So cool. Now it's back to CA for them. 

Well, that's about all the news here from me at the moment. Normal work day for me today. Need to get some things done, start preparing for the schools to start back up in just a few weeks plus Labor Day (where did this summer go?) 

Received a letter/owe a reply to: Charles/TN.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paramore - New Jersey Trip

Paramore-holmdelHello from our quick trip to NJ for the weekend to see Paramore/Fall Out Boy one more time on their Monumentour. :) 

Did some things around the house Saturday morning before leaving for New Jersey. Checked in at the hotel in New Brunswick (The Heldrich - pretty neat place and a good deal through Hotwire fairly last minute) and then had lunch at the St. George Street Ale House which was a pretty neat place. Watched the Brazil - Chile World Cup game while having lunch. :)

After lunch we drove to Holmdel where the venue was. Had a few more drinks at the Houlihan's there before heading to the venue itself. It was an amphitheater, not too different from the one in Hartford where we saw them the first time. There seemed to be sooo many people though and the energy was just amazing. It was great seeing them in Hartford (their first stop on the tour) but this was definitely even better. This time around we got there early to see New Politics who opened for them. They actually were pretty good. Paramore was of course amazing. And we ended up not staying for Fall Out Boy this time around, to make it easier leaving. Had a couple more glasses of wine at the hotel bar when we got back instead. 

Today we are checking out here and then driving to the Edison Museum in NJ. We have seen his winter home in Florida but haven't been to the one here in NJ so that should be good. Going to have a late lunch afterwards. Then back home and back to work & reality tomorrow. Busy week coming up with the 4th of July this week. 

Received a letter/owe a reply to: Jessica/DE, Katie/Germany, Celia/MA, Laura/Spain, Kimber/BC, Carmen/Malta, Charles/TN and Nina/WA.

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