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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Finger Lakes Birthday Weekend

Collage_20151025095641097_20151025095728175A quick hello from the Finger Lakes. Already have to check out and leave again today. 3 days/2 nights really is too short. :) But we have had a great stay so far and have a couple more things planned for today before leaving the region and heading back to Connecticut. 

Friday we left CT in the morning and headed upstate. Got to Seneca Lake a bit before 1pm and had lunch at Dano's. The only Heurigen in this country that I know of. We discovered the place quite some years ago now but are always happy to visit whenever we are in the area.  Such a yummy place. And the location on the lake is great too. If you are curious what a Heuriger is click here. 

After lunch we headed over to Cayuga Lake for some wine tasting.  One of the wineries also had a neat shop with various sauces, jellies, jams, oils etc. You could taste and try everything which is always fun.  We ended up buying jalapeƱo stuffed olives, a habanero infused olive oil and a jar of cranberry orange marmalade. Yum. 

The place we stayed at is just a tad over from Lake Cayuga close to the next lake between Auburn and Skaneateles. Really neat place. Had a yummy dinner at a brewpub in Auburn. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we checked out the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge which was really neat.  The weather wasn't as nice as on Friday (Fr we had perfect blue skies) but it was fitting somehow for the fall season. Walked about 4 miles.

After that we headed down Cayuga lake for some lunch and more wine tasting.  Had a delicious cheese plate and curry pizza at the Copper Oven at Cayuga Ridge Vineyard.

After some more wine tasting headed back and had a delicious dinner at a place called Gilda's. Tapas/small plates, great wine, etc. Small place but really great.

Today we are having breakfast in Skaneateles at the Bluewater Grill before heading down the other side of lake Cayuga for some more wine tasting before driving home to CT. 

Mail Update: Received letters from: Carmen/Malta and Nina/WA.  Hopefully replies should be going out to both of you Monday. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Movie Weekend

Collage_20151018155741687And somehow it is already Sunday evening again.  And it's so cold out (hovering just a few degrees above freezing) and even SNOWED earlier.  Snow.  WTH. Ugh. Not ready for that yet. It's supposed to warm up a bit again mid week but until then I am digging out my boots, winter jacket,  scarf, etc. Brrr.

All in all had a nice weekend though.  Yesterday, Saturday, we had to work but got out around 2. Headed down to Yonkers for a late lunch at the Yardhouse and then to the movies at the Alamo Drafthouse (what a cool theater - they have a full menu with food & alcohol - and servers that get you anything you want thoughout the movie) Saw "The Keeping Room" which was very good.  Then afterwards watched the rest of the first Mets-Cubs game at Two Steps. 

Today, Sunday, we went to catch a matinee of "The Bridge of Spies", the new Steven Spielberg movie starring Tom Hanks.  Another really great movie.  Thouroughly enjoyed it. After the movies we headed to Oxford for lunch.  After we wrap up here we are going to head home and catch up on some more recorded TV. 

Then tomorrow it is already Monday.  And another week of crazy work ahead. Oh well. At least at the end of the week I have our Finger Lakes 2 night trip to look forward to. Yay for relaxing and wine tasting.  :) 

Mail Update: Letters  have gone out last Friday to: Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark. Received letters from: Carmen/Malta and Nina/WA.  

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Sunday Fun

IMG_20151011_134318It's really fall now. Today was the perfect fall/autumn day. Brisk blue skies, cool in the morning but warmer during the day. Just a bit of a breeze so the leaves blow around. Colors on the trees, some leaves on the ground so they crunch when you step on them. No humidity at all. It's perfect.  If I could hold on this weather and keep it 80-90% of the year I would be forever happy!! :) 

We went for a walk at one of our usual go-to places here in Connecticut and I have to say it's pretty in all seasons but especially so in fall. Had fun watching birds, chipmunks etc. while walking. 

Now we are out at a late lunch and eventually will head home and catch up with some TV shows. 

Work has been busy while we are undergoing a bunch of changes and transitions. Trying to make it all work out.  Also still training on payroll and some other things.  So definitely not a dull moment for me in sight right now.  

Mail Update: Received letters from: Carmen/Malta, Lotte/Denmarks, Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Fall Sunday

SnoopyIt's starting to really feel like fall now. The weather has been gloomy, rainy and cold for the last few days.  But today it cleared up and is sunny.  It's windy so feels colder than it is but really feels like a true fall day. 

Worked 6 days as we are going through a big transition period at work. Also still training with the payroll girl to get that perfected some more before she leaves on her maternity leave. So not a dull moment for me at work at the moment. 

Today we have just been relaxing. Slept in late, took my time getting up and had a nice, hot, long shower. Made myself some tea.  Then we went for lunch at Rosy's. And just now some friends texted us so we will be meeting up with them in a bit to hang out. Later we are going to catch up on some TV shows we have recorded.  

And then tomorrow it's already Monday again and more work stuff to deal with and figure out. Let's see what this week brings. 

Mail Update: Received letters from: Lotte/Denmarks, Nina/WA and Charles/TN.  

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